What type of experience is available at Star-Crossed Puzzles?

Star-Crossed Puzzle games are a variation of an online escape room or puzzle room. Set in the world of Shakespeare, players are challenged to identify clues and solve puzzles to journey from one location to the next in a quest to avoid tragedy. Challenges are not timed and are completed when players have solved all clues enabling them to work through all sections of the game.

How do I play a Star-Crossed Puzzle game?

Go to the menu on the Home page and select Store. From there you can select the product you wish to buy and make payment via PayPal.

How long after placing my order should I receive my code?

You should receive an email confirming your payment and providing an access code for the game within 24hrs of your purchase.

How can I schedule a slot for my game?

Once you have the code you will be able to access the game immediately and play at a time of your choosing. When you are ready to play, navigate to the first page of your game and input the code you have been sent in the white box; this will take you to the first location and puzzles.

Who do I contact if I am having problems?

There are hints and solutions provided throughout, to help players who get stuck on certain puzzles. If however, you need more assistance contact can be made using the email: contact@starcrossedpuzzles.com.

How do I enter my puzzle solutions?

When you have a solution to the puzzle, click on the green SOLVE button towards the bottom of the screen. This will lead you to a password protected page:

In the white box, type your solution (using all capitals if text response), and press enter. If you input the correct answer you will advance to the next stage of the game.

What happens if I get stuck?

There are 3 hints on every page to help if players get stuck. Each hint opens in a new tab. The answer is also available, so players are not prevented from advancing if they are still struggling. Make sure you do not press this button if you are still trying to find the solution yourself.

How long do I have to escape?

There is no time limit for completing a Star-Crossed Puzzle. You may play the game in a single session or take a break and return to play when you are ready to continue.

Do I need any special equipment when I play?

You may wish to have a pen and paper to hand to jot down some notes or record your answers to puzzles that are needed for later stages of the game.

What is the recommended age for playing Star-Crossed Puzzles?

Star-Crossed Puzzles was originally designed with teenagers in mind. Games are pitched for 13-16-year-olds but can be enjoyed by anyone. Children as young as 7 have enjoyed playing with support from an adult. Some more experienced escape/puzzle room enthusiasts may not find the puzzles have a high level of challenge but can still enjoy the story element and journey of the characters.

What is the level of difficulty?

There are a range of puzzle types, appealing to a range of abilities however most challenges are an easy/moderate difficulty level.

How many players can participate?

Puzzles can be played alone or as part of a small team. A maximum of 6 players is recommended.

Additional Information for schools

The game does not have to be completed in one sitting but could be split into sections to use in lesson starters, plenaries, or stretch and challenge tasks for Gifted and Talented.

Similarly, you could introduce the game as part of an enterprise day, revision session, or club.

  • Each location makes reference to some of the plays main plot points and characters.
  • SMSC (social, moral
  • There are quotes taken directly from the text throughout the game from a range of characters.
  • Game could be completed in one sitting as a revision session, enterprise day or Gifted +Talented activity.
  • Puzzles could be divided into sections for use in lesson starters, plenaries or extension tasks.