Be patient, for the world is broad and wide.

Friar Lawrence A3 S3

Romeo sits in silence lost in his thoughts.

He glances at his love, regretful that he has come so far only to realise he is too late. But out of the corner of his eye, he notices something. Movement. Barely discernable at first but then the unmistakable rise and fall of Juliet’s chest.

Moving closer, he notes the colour seem to brighten in her cheeks and a sense of warmth return as her face relaxes and her expression softens. Romeo’s patience is finally rewarded when Juliet’s eyelids flicker open and she stirs in his arms.

Reunited at last, the pair embrace.

Romeo utters a silent prayer of thanks for the lessons taught him by the Friar and holds his love close. While the family feud rages on, the lovers are finally free to flee Verona, re-writing fate and defying the stars.


Romeo has managed to defy the stars and escape fate.

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